Street Dirt Track's Limited Lifetime Warranty is only valid on Street Dirt Track branded parts that came inside of the original purchased kit and only guarantees those parts to be free from manufacture and material defects.


Manufacture and material defects DO include improper welds, broken parts, structural cracks, and part failures. 


Manufacture and material defects DO NOT include the natural wear and tear of a part. Due to the nature of the product, parts are prone to gradual wear and tear over the lifespan of the product even if used according to manufacturer recommended installation and application.


Manufacture and material defects DO NOT cover surface damages, unauthorized altercations/modifications, misuse, improper installation, and/or non-normal use  such as but not limited to; competition vehicles/racing/demolition derbies/part of the cars a giant monster truck needs to jump over/feeling fast and furious and parachuting vehicle out of a movie plane/etc. Furthermore, the Limited Lifetime Warranty is only valid on the parts that came in the original purchased kit* and does not extend to the rest of the vehicle or surrounding parts.

*Items that were not manufactured by SDT such as, but not limited to, shocks are not covered under this Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the following parts to be free from manufacture and material defects:

Battery Tray Coil & Strut Spacers Control Arms
Drop Brackets Fuel Race Valves Gear Retainers
Leaf Packs & Springs Lift & Leveling Blocks Light Bar Brackets
Shackles Shock Extenders Steering Stabilizers
Strut Clevis Throttle Body Spacers Torque Plates
Torsion Keys Torsion Tools Trackbars
U-bolts Wheel Spacers



For parts not listed above such as Bolts, Motor Mounts, Nuts, Washers, etc, they are covered by a separate 90-Day Limited Warranty.

Apparel (Shirts, Hats, Socks, etc) are not covered with our Limited Warranties.



Street Dirt Track's Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferable. We reserve the right to ask for proof of purchase** as well as photographs of the product, when customers request warranty privilege redemption.

**Street Dirt Track needs to know the original purchaser's name, original purchaser's email address, the original shipping address, and the original date of purchase so that we can verify that the part was purchased from Street Dirt Track or one of SDT's Authorized Dealers.

Upon Street Dirt Track's acceptance of a customers request for warranty privilege redemption: the Current Product Owner is responsible for all costs associated with removal of the defective/broken part from the vehicle, costs for postage to return the defective/broken item to Street Dirt Track's Warehouse Headquarters, and any re-installation costs associated with the installation of the replaced or repaired item Street Dirt Track supplies.

Street Dirt Track will either repair or replace the defective/broken part*** as well as pay for the associated shipping costs to send the chosen part back to the current product owner. Parts will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise stated. USPS normally takes 2-3 days with their Priority Service. We will ship the repaired or replacement item after the defective/broken/worn part has been received and inspected - this usually happens within 24-48 hours after a defective/broken/worn part has arrived.

***Street Dirt Track reserves the right to choose between repairing or replacing the Defective/Broken/Worn part. To the best of Street Dirt Track's ability all replaced products will be matched as similarly to the returned item as possible. Street Dirt Track reserves the right to make changes to the material, design, and specifications of replacement parts without prior notice.


To make a claim under this warranty, Current Product Owner must message us through the Website Contact Form. Please note that we usually respond to any and all messages within 1 full business day.


 For non-branded Street Dirt Track parts, such ones from the following Vendors:

Rallye Super Winch Hella
Bushwacker Smittybilt KC
Pro-Sport Rugged Ridge Apollo
Rightline XRX Rampage
Cyclone Hi-Lift


Please refer to the manufacturer website for their warranty policy. 

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