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1994-2005 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 4WD NV4500 5th Gear Lock Nut Retainer



Product Details

  • 1994-2005 Dodge Ram trucks equipped with 5-spd NV4500 4wd Transmissions.
    ONLY fits 29-spline output shafts (DODGE 4wd models)
    Does not work with GM/Cheverolet NV4500 transmissions
- Lock the 5th Gear Nut to the Splines of the Main Shaft for Good!
- Never Experience a Delay in Responsiveness During Shifting Due to Loose Nut!
- Never Struggle with Problems Caused by the Retaining Nut Backing Off Again!
- Craftsmen Quality YOU Can See
- 5th Gear Retainer is a Permanent Solution
- Mates perfectly with Factory or Aftermarket Lock-Nuts
- 4 Tab Design Secured by Thick, Sturdy Walls
- 29 Reinforced, Extended Splines for 
- 100% Positive engagement with Main Shaft
- Durable Steel Construction with Protective Anodized coating
- Comes with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
- Covered by an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
The NV4500 transmission has a fifth gear design flaw, we have engineered a solution to easily upgrade your Dodge's NV-4500 Trans so you'll never worry about 5th gear failure again and will keep your tranny running smooth. Craftsman quality you can see: we designed our retainer to be complete with reinforced, extended splines attached to thick, sturdy walls that will lock the nut to the splines on the main shaft for good. You'll never experience the retaining nut backing off again. We're so confident that this upgrade will solve 5th gear failure problems caused by the retaining nut backing off, our product is backed with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. That means if our product ever fails after it has been correctly installed, we'll replace the product 100% free of charge.

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